VACUUM WET PRESS PRODUCTS include High density Kerb stones, Dished water channels, Paving Slabs,(especially large sized) Flags, drain covers and other related products.

This technology involves manufacturing high density products by using a unique technology of applying very high pressure on wet concrete poured into steel Moulds simultaneously using vacuum to produce products which can easily surpass most quality requirements by a comfortable margin.

(See Demo Video)

This technology of producing concrete products and articles helps produce concrete in its  densest form which is particularly useful for heavy duty requirements like Kerb stones, flags etc on drive ways and roads with heavy duty vehicular traffic.

It is relatively easy to produce a wide range of sizes, shapes and profiles by changing the mould tooling as per customer requirements.

This product can withstand high level of abuse and freeze-thaw cycles, higher salt resistance, not possible with any other type of manufacture.

Also, Paving slabs can be used for areas with very high pedestrian traffic like Railway stations and platforms, Airports, pavements, beach areas(can withstand salt attack better than other products) and other general applications.