• Flags or Paving Slabs are solid, precast cement concrete paving units used in the surface course of pavements, each having surface area over 0.5 sq. m., thickness greater than 30mm, overall length not exceeding 1m and having an Aspect (Length to Thickness) Ratio greater than 4.
    • Flags are placed on a cement concrete bedding and base to support pedestrians and limited vehicular traffic.
    • Flags provide much more attractive and exceptionally durablewalkways, footpaths, pedestrian plazas, and railway platforms, as compared to cast-in-situ concrete or asphalt.
    • PBMA members offer Flags in a range of colours, often with surface treatments such as polished, ground or shot blasted to create a stone-like appearance.
    • Flags communicate understated sophistication not achieved by conventional pavements.
    • Reference Standards: BS EN 1339:2003 Concrete Paving Flags – Requirements and Test Methods;ASTM C1782 / C1782M – 19 Standard Specification for Segmental Concrete Paving Slabs.

Comparison of Flag Stones with Natural Granite / Kota Stones (Download pdf)