Pavers and Blocks Manufacturers Association is a not-for-profit association of the Indian Concrete Pavers and Blocks industry, influencing the use of Pavers, Blocks and other concrete products. Through research, development and education, PBMA is committed to promote the proper use of Pavers and Blocks in a sustainable and efficient manner spreading across Municipal, Industrial, Commercial and Residential Projects.

PBMA members include manufacturers of:

1. Concrete Paving Products such as Paver Blocks, Flags(Paving Slabs), Grass Pavers (Paving Grids) And Permeable Paving System.

2. Concrete Masonry Products such as Hollow & Solid Blocks And Segmental Retaining Wall Blocks.

3. Concrete Tiles such as Chequered Tiles And Terrazo(Mosaic Tiles).

4. Concrete Kerbs And Others such as Kerbs, Drainage Channels, Manhole Covers And Frames And Cable Covers.

As the leading voice of this industry, PBMA supports the use of quality concrete pavers, blocks, kerbs, slabs, etc. as the
preferred choice for sustainable and environmentally friendly development with an aim to:

  1. Increase awareness, acceptance and use of quality concrete products over conventional materials.
  2. Expand the market for concrete products through education, technical guidance and co-ordination with various agencies and for their inclusion in various public and private works/projects.
  3. Provide the members with technical expertise in problem solving and technology upgradation to improve product quality and expand applications.
  4. Serve as a catalyst for the growth of the Industry through organisation of technical seminars, exhibitions, conferences, meetings and certification courses.
  5. Represent the interests of the association and its members to various government and local authorities in matters of specifications and standards.
  6. Create pan India clusters of the association along with its members to avail of government incentives.

PBMA will be the source of the emerging trends, technology and education pertaining to the industry.