• Mosaic Tiles are cement concrete flooring tiles, of sizes 200x200mm, 250x250mm, 300x300mm and 400x400mm, and whose wearing surface (minimum 25%) is composed of stone chips in a matrix of Plain or Coloured Portland Cement, mixed with or without pigments, and mechanically ground and filled, if required.
  • These tiles are available as Single Layer (Monolayer) Tiles (in which there is only one layer that is a wearing layer) and Double Layer Tiles (which contain a wearing layer as well as a backing layer).
  • Cement Concrete Tiles are also available without stone chips as Plain Cement Tiles (without colour pigments) and Plain Coloured Tiles (with colour pigments).
  • Reference Standard: IS 1237:2012 Cement Concrete Flooring Tiles – Specification (Download Key Information in pdf).