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Bangalore, Karnataka South Zone
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About Basant Betons

Our Passion drives us

Founded by Mr. Suresh Patil nearly 40 years ago, Basant Betons®, is renowned for its innovative and market-leading initiatives in India. We produce cutting-edge concrete products such as shot-blasted pavers, tiles, engineered blocks, kerbs, pre cast elements and much more.  Our grounded, service-oriented ethos steeped in value and tradition complements our modern state-of-the-art infrastructure and industry best practices. It is our unparalleled dedication to maintain the highest product quality and deliver the best services that truly makes us a customer-centric company in our industry.

Basant Betons® enjoys the distinction of being the first company to introduce shot-blasted pavers and paving tiles to India in 1994, manufactured and processed by equipment and machinery imported from Italy. In 2005, we also introduced another first to the country, i.e., wet-pressed vacuum-dewatered concrete kerbs, flags, and water channels – produced by our leading-edge technology imported from the UK. In 2008, Basant Betons® commissioned the country’s largest plant near Bangalore, employing the latest technology, sourced from MASA Germany, in order to produce an extensive range of value-added, ultra-strength concrete products for its customers.

New Experience Center

In December 2017, we inaugurated a one of kind experience centre in the heart of Bangalore. With over 5000 sq.ft. of display and many of our products used in our front yard, customers are welcome to come touch, feel, and experience the various shapes, sizes, and colours manufactured by Basant Betons. This experience centre helps architects explain their ideas better, for home owners to make quick decisions and for engineers to understand the finer details of our products.


Contact Us :Mr. Sharan Patil +91 9980988088

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